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A Day in the Life ~ Cassandra Raines by Tracy Clark [New Book Release]

3 months ago

1347 words

Let’s double up, he said. The gig pays $5,000 for the week, he said. Where else can you make that kind of money for just standing around looking intimidating? That’s what my ex-partner, Detective Ben Mickerson, told me when he friend-guilted me into helping him bodyguard Vonda Allen. Personal security work was his side hustle,…

Now or Later? Taming the Writing Beast — Procrastination!

10 months ago

755 words

Guest Post by Author, Patsy Summey — “Never do today what you can put off ‘til tomorrow!” Heard that one before? Hopefully, this isn’t your motto! If it is…you’re familiar with the anxiety of not having time to get everything done—because you’ve put off and put off until that “Oops, I did it again!” realization…

What I Wish I’d Known About Publishing — Lessons Learned the Hard Way

1 year ago

807 words

Guest Post by Alan Elliott — In March of this year, I attended a wonderful writers conference called WORDfest 2019. At the conference, I had the pleasure of hearing a panel discussion on the topic: “What I Wish I’d Known – What Writers Learn the Hard Way About the Craft of Writing.” Alan Elliot was…

2019 DAWG Summer Writing Workshop Series — Three Awesome Guest Speakers!

1 year ago

351 words

Are you looking for a writing workshop to kick-start your 2019 writing project? Or are you feeling like I am — a little sluggish with getting your writing project in full swing? Well look no further, the Dallas Area Writers Group (DAWG) has the cure for what ails you — three phenomenal writing workshops presented…

6 Key Ingredients for Creating a Memorable Protagonist

1 year ago

487 words

How do you create a memorable protagonist? In order for a story to be meaningful or memorable, it must have a protagonist that has a certain something that makes him/her real to us. As you watch your favorite movie or read a favorite book, I’d bet there is something about the main character that resonates…

New Year’s Resolutions for Writing: How to Make Them Work for You!

2 years ago

732 words

Did you start the new year off by making New Year’s resolutions? Well, the month of January is half-way gone already, but there’s still time if you haven’t. Are you good at keeping your resolutions throughout the year or does your resolve fizzle by mid-February like mine? 😉 So this year, like I’ve done the…

Bouchercon 2019 — The World Mystery Convention is Coming to Dallas!

2 years ago

266 words

Whether you’re a veteran author, new writer, or an avid reader, you don’t want to miss Bouchercon 2019 — The World Mystery Convention coming to Dallas October 31 – November 3, 2019! Over 2,000 writers, publishers, readers, and including a star-studded line-up of the top mystery and thriller authors in the industry will converge on…