On Vacation: To Write or Not to Write?

IMG_1916Hola! I just got back from six wonderful days in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic where I attended the wedding of my nephew, Ray and his lovely bride, Janet. And by default it was also my vacation. It was absolutely wonderful! The problem is, I told myself before the trip I would write every single day I was there …because true writers write every day. Right? So I packed a brand new single subject tablet and lots of pens.

And do you know what happened? I only wrote one day, completing a single chapter of my latest manuscript. Yikes! Is that terrible or what? Well, I was racked with guilt once I returned home. Obviously, I was having way too much fun to think about it while I was there.

On the one hand I was thinking this is your vacation. You should be relaxing and having fun. On the other I was thinking, you’re a writer, you should be writing — Ay yi yi. So what do I do with the guilt? Well, I won’t let it consume me. I’ll try to make up for my dereliction over the next few weeks and months.

The only other thing I can do at this point is be grateful that I had a wonderful experience; be thankful that I broaden my horizon, and hope to use the sights, sounds, smell, and cultural experience in a future writing project. And by the way, here are some of my favorite photos from Punta Cana.

PS – Drop me a line and tell me how you spent or are planning to spend your vacation. Will you write every day, some days, or not at all? Thanks!