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Category: Writing

Don’t Despise Small Beginnings

2 years ago

577 words

“Don’t despise small beginnings,” said a woman named Mildred in a recent meeting I attended. Mildred’s words resonated with me. In fact, they stuck with me for several weeks. The reason being, as I’m pursuing what I believe to be my God-given purpose of writing fiction, my beginnings appear to be quite small. You see,…

2018 “Write to Publish: Climbing Toward Success!” Workshop

2 years ago

132 words

Would you like to take your writing to the next level? If you live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, come join the Dallas Area Writers Group (DAWG) at our 4th annual Fall writer’s workshop, “Write to Publish: Climbing Toward Success!” to be held on October 20, 2018. Two well-published authors and two New York Literary…

“Born a Crime” by Trevor Noah [Book Review]

2 years ago

523 words


If you only read one book this summer, it should be “Born a Crime” by Trevor Noah. Most of my life I thought being born “illegitimate” was the worst state in which one could be born. Being born illegitimate means your parents weren’t married. I was born illegitimate. My mother and father never married. And…

Texas-Style Roundup 2.0 – My Top 10 Most Viewed Posts on Writing for the Last Year

2 years ago

224 words

It’s roundup time again! My writer’s blog went live on January 15, 2016. In March 2017, I posted my first Texas-style Top 10 Roundup of most viewed posts on writing. Because I’ve written a plethora of other posts since then, I decided to do a second roundup just in case you missed some of my…

Mysteries – Why We Love Reading Them and Writing Them

2 years ago

398 words

Mysteries have been around for ages, dating as far back as Edgar Allan Poe penning “The Murders in the Rue Morgue” in 1841. It’s recognized as the first modern detective story. And then there’s Arthur Conan Doyle who created the most famous detective of all times, Sherlock Holmes, first appearing in 1887 in “A Study…

Who Owns It?

2 years ago

903 words

Guest post from award-winning author and publisher, Anita Dickason. “I do.” This is a typical response from many authors when I ask, “Who owns your book?” In the strictest sense, they are right. An author owns the copyright to the content. Unfortunately, ‘own’ does not always apply to the finished product: the published book. Two…

“Wild Seed” by Octavia E. Butler [Book Review]

2 years ago

341 words

Compelling, raw, poignant, evocative, unexpected. I didn’t know what to expect when I started reading “Wild Seed.” It’s the first novel I’ve read by this esteemed author called “the grand dame of science fiction.” The story begins with the unveiling of an interesting world created by Ms. Butler. It’s set in an African village in…

What Do You Do to Get into the Christmas Spirit?

3 years ago

313 words

I love Christmas! I love the reason for the season, celebrating Jesus’ birth and all the excitement that goes along with it. I love the joy the season brings. There’s something special in the air! People are kinder, and it seems that Christmas somehow ushers in an expectation of hope — something new and wonderful…

Changing Seasons – What Can They Tell Us About Life?

3 years ago

487 words

During my devotion this morning, I looked out of my bedroom window as I’ve done hundreds of times before, and observed something I’d never noticed before. I’ve lived in my home for more than twenty years, and about ten years ago we planted a Texas Ash tree in the middle of the backyard. It’s a…

Fierce Women Who Happen to be Authors – A Conversation with Sue Latham

3 years ago

175 words


Just in time for Halloween, I’d like to introduce to you the fourth author in my Fierce Women series Fierce Woman Paranormal author Sue Latham. Sue is the author of two novels The Haunted House Symphony and The Science Professor’s Ghost. In our conversation, Sue talks about the ghosts in her stories and ghosts in…