Changing Seasons – What Can They Tell Us About Life?

During my devotion this morning, I looked out of my bedroom window as I’ve done hundreds of times before, and observed something I’d never noticed before. I’ve lived in my home for more than twenty years, and about ten years ago we planted a Texas Ash tree in the middle of the backyard.

My Texas Ash Tree

It’s a fast growing tree which has grown to about 45 or 50 feet, or taller. During the Spring and Summer it produces an abundance of beautiful deep green leaves.

With it being Fall, and fast approaching Winter, most of the leaves have turned a golden-yellow. What I noticed today that I hadn’t noticed previously were the “falling” leaves.

I watched for fifteen or twenty minutes transfixed at how the leaves were dropping intermittently — as though timed. One. Two. Three at a time they dropped. It was as though each would say, “My turn!” then let go and sail to the ground like a skilled cliff diver.

Within the next two to three weeks, the tree will be dormant and the branches completely bare of leaves. But, like clockwork, when March rolls around buds will start to sprout and by Spring the tree will be full of lush green leaves once again!

As I continued to watch, it occurred to me that a few life lessons could be gleaned from observing the effects of changing seasons. Here are a few of my musings:

As with this great tree, we too experience seasons of life.

The seasons are different. Some are painful and difficult. Others are pleasurable and fun. Each is temporary, and if we recognize them as seasons, we can approach and deal with them more effectively.

There comes a time when we have to shed some things in our lives to allow a fresh start.

This shedding could take the form of a person(s), things we’ve accumulated, bad habits we engage in, or baggage we’ve been holding on to for far too long. The shedding could take the form of emotions, anger or bitterness. If we forgive, we can free ourselves from negative emotions weighing us down.

As the leaves are falling, it appears the tree is dying. But, in the Spring, it will become beautiful once more!

When our lives are falling apart, it seems we can’t make it. But we can. And when we come through the storm we are stronger and better because of it. But just like the tree has a source of life in which its roots are deeply embedded, we must have a source of life in which our faith is deeply embedded. What is your source?

Sometimes we must be transformed before we can experience our best selves, and receive God’s best blessings in our lives.

What life lessons can you extract from changing seasons? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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4 thoughts on “Changing Seasons – What Can They Tell Us About Life?

  1. What a beautiful reflection! I usually take New Years day to reflect on the year passed. Your ash tree, I’m going to call her Ashley, gives me a fresh perspective on life moving forward. It is so timely as I move across some potholes in my journey. Thank you for sharing this Catherine. Peace and blessings!

    1. Hello there again, Louise!

      Thank you for naming my tree! I really love Ashley. She provides great shade during the Spring and Summer in addition to just being a beautiful reminder of God’s magnificent power. As I saw the leaves drifting to the ground the other morning, there seemed to be something ethereal about it, and I was compelled to share my thoughts. I’m glad they resonated with you and offered a fresh perspective as you move into the New Year! I’m humbled.

      Thanks again, for stopping by! It’s always a pleasure hearing from you! God’s grace and blessings to you and yours at Christmas and the during the New Year!


  2. Hello Catherine, this is perfect reminder for me to focus on how things change in due time. I believe we miss so many things as we transition in life. This is perfect reminder for me to reflect throughout the new year.

    1. Hi LaSharion!

      I’m glad this post resonated with you and will help as you reflect on the new year. That’s awesome! Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with me. It is appreciated! Have a wonderful Christmas and a blessed New Year!


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