Fighting the Beast of Inadequacy

Have you ever faced the beast of inadequacy? I know I have! Whenever I’ve started a new job or was given a new assignment, I’ve often felt uncertain, even unsure of myself. This past year, however, the beast of uncertainty grabbed me with a vise grip.

beast As a new writer in the fiction genre, I’m now challenged to navigate the daunting path to become a published author.

February 2016 was my target month to start sending out query letters. The first Friday of the first week, I sent out seven query letters to prospective Literary Agents.

That same evening I received one rejection — the next day another. Ouch! That first one stung a bit. I don’t know if it was because the rejection was so swift, or because I wasn’t expecting a rejection at all. Ha-ha! Secretly, I guess I thought everyone would love my story as much as I did.

Suddenly the beast of uncertainty seized me, and I found myself asking, “Who do you think you are thinking you can write a novel worthy of being published by a New York publishing house? Why would you even think you’re talented enough to produce a work that people would be remotely interested in reading?”

So my question to you is, how do you fight this great beast of inadequacy that makes you want to stop dead in your tracks and run as fast as you can in the other direction? The answer…you DON’T fight it ALONE!

Sunday morning following my great disappointment, I watched a televised broadcast of Dr. Charles Stanley and was so inspired by his timely message “Understanding Inadequacy.”

He told me that inadequacy can be a good thing if we have the right response. The right response to inadequacy according to Dr. Stanley should drive us to God; which in turn will make us:

• Depend on Him

• Build our relationship with Him

• Create intimacy with Him, and

• Strengthen our faith in Him

Since hearing Dr. Stanley’s message, I’ve felt so empowered to continue my quest in finding a Literary Agent as I pursue my goal of publication. I now have a new weapon to fight the beast of inadequacy. I will use the feeling of inadequacy to draw me closer to the Lord. I will no longer think of it as a weakness but a means to help strengthen my resolve.

I know my path will be littered with distractions, disappointments, and setbacks of numerous kinds, but if I keep my eyes on the LORD and run to Him when I feel weak and inadequate, He will give me the STRENGTH and COURAGE I need to continue!

Psalm 46:1 The Lord is my refuge and my strength an ever-present help in trouble.

PS – Drop a line and tell me about a time you’ve felt inadequate and what you did to overcome it.



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