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If You Could Write an Open Letter to Your 13 Year-Old Self, What Would You Say?

3 years ago

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Do you agree that with age comes wisdom? Do you ever find yourself saying, “If only I knew then what I know now?” I’m in that camp too!

Recently, I posted this question on my Facebook page: If You Could Write an Open Letter to Your 13 Year-Old Self, What Would You Say? I was genuinely curious to see what others thought when looking back over their lives how giving sage advice to their younger selves might’ve helped them as adults.

Looking back over my own life, I’m grateful that as I’ve grown older I’ve finally begun to make better life choices and decisions…I think. LOL

Believe me, it’s taken some years and several strands of grey hair (carefully concealed). I’m also thankful that I’ve had wise individuals in my life, like good friends Nannie Dunham and Lily Welborne, and my spiritual mother Ms. Downie Craig who’ve carefully guided me when I was about to walk off a cliff.

I try not to offer a lot of unsolicited advice, though my niece Catelin would disagree. 🙂 But if I see someone, usually a family member or friend headed down the wrong path, I’ll yank (gently) on his/her coat tail.

Don’t we owe it to one another – to try and help the ones we care about avoid what we believe will be a disaster or cause them heart ache?

Below I’m sharing the responses to the Facebook post. They were pretty much what I expected…sound, solid advice. But one response caused my chin to drop. I didn’t expect it at all! LOL

Here are the responses:

Terri: Dear Younger Me, go to college, speak up and stop being afraid. Your voice is important.

Genary: You’re going to be OK. Your future will be greater than your present pain, because God is in control of your destiny, and through Him your future is assured and your light will shine brighter than you ever imagined.

Lucille: My letter would say, if you meet a guy named Donnie, say hello and never speak to him again. (Lucille’s been married to Donnie for 30+ years) 😮

Cessilye: Insert “Jermaine” for me. #realtalk

Louise: LOL! I think we can all insert a name or two in this slot, but didn’t those detours make us stronger?

Lucille: Yes, you are absolutely right. The journey has made all of us stronger. Thank you Lord!

Patrice: Don’t give your heart to everyone…some are undeserving!

Mary: Save every penny now cause you will need them later!

Cecily: Dear younger me. You are stronger than you give yourself credit. Don’t give up when facing adversity. Look it in the face and defy it.

Louise: Don’t be so shy!

Velma: I would say don’t grow up so fast.

Cleo: Listen and adhere to the truth…sometimes it might hurt…but not harmed!!! Listen.

Erica: After you graduate from high school go to college and stick with it until you get your degree. Don’t fret about how long it will take to accomplish your goals.

Those several more years of schooling may seem like eternity now, but before you know it you’ll be done and glad you hung in there. You’ll see that all those countless hours of studying, written assignments, and test taking were well worth it.

Lily: “Please build a strong personal relationship with Jesus Christ!!!

Here’s what my open letter would say:

Dear Younger Me,

There’s no reason to feel insecure about your looks. You might not consider yourself beautiful according to the world’s standards, but you are a kind, loving young lady, and that beauty lasts forever.

God has gifted you with talents and abilities that will take you far in life, so enjoy your young adult life, knowing that you have a very bright future ahead. Oh, and one more thing, be yourself! Because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”

What about you? If you could write an open letter to your 13-year old self, what would you say?

As always, thanks for stopping by!


4 thoughts on “If You Could Write an Open Letter to Your 13 Year-Old Self, What Would You Say?”

  1. Mine would say: “It’s not too late to save yourself. You’re beautiful even in this awkward phase; embrace it and love yourself as you are. God does and so will others.”

    1. Kami,
      That’s awesome! How we could have used that kind of validation when we were younger. But thank God you learned it before you turned 75! lol And now you’re able to pour it into your girls so that they hear it while they are young and being bombarded with negative comments and attacks from mean kids. Your kinds, sweet words will build a defense for them to help them see the beauty in themselves as you see it and as God created.

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