“Schemers” by Victor McGlothin [Book Review]

book review-schemersTake overworked, under-sexed Dr. Lena Harmon and introduce her to Aries DuPree, “six-foot two tower of chocolate with a chiseled jaw line and dreamy eyes” who appears out of nowhere and only has eyes for the married lady doctor.

You already know this is the formula for an explosive situation!

But what Lena Harmon doesn’t know as she fights to maintain vertical equilibrium, is that Aries DuPree, the bronze buffed Adonis is one of the handsome men of M.O.E.T.

M.O.E.T. is a finely tuned extortion operation that targets ultra rich females, taking them on the sexual ride of their lives, fulfilling their every fantasy, all the while capturing them on film.

The embarrassing pictures and videos later to be used to extort money from their shocked and unsuspecting spouses.

As Lena struggles with the emptiness of her marriage and the seductive charms of Aries, she finds herself drawn into an intoxicating but forbidden world.

With so much to lose and so much to gain (or so she believes), Lena becomes trapped in the high stakes game of “pay-to-play” that could cost her everything.

Schemers” by Victor McGlothin is a fast-paced, sexy thrill ride!

It will keep you on the edge of your seat, totally captivated and furiously turning pages, wondering how this wicked tale is going to end.

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