So, You Want to Write a Novel?

I’ve run across several people who’ve said to me, “Oh, I want to write a novel,” after learning I’m a writer. Many of them have great story ideas in their heads, but struggle to get them out of their heads and onto paper. I’m not sure why that is. Perhaps it’s fear of not getting it right, or maybe it’s simply not knowing where or how to start.


So, what I’d like to do is help you get started, if you don’t know how. I want to introduce you to a tool I came across that may help you get your novel onto paper. When I discovered this tool, I found myself playing with it for hours. I was struggling to come up with a short story idea for a creative writing class, and this plot generator helped me come up with a great story idea.

Now, here’s my disclaimer. I’ve never heard any writing expert recommend this tool. But I found it very helpful in stimulating ideas for me. And I will also tell you that the results are not perfect and require some tweaking because depending upon the information you plug into the generator the results may read a bit wonky. Still, I found it extremely useful to get me started when I couldn’t come up with a good short story for my class.

The Plot Generator can be found at this link:
Here’s an example of what the generator produced as one short story idea for me:

“The Smoking Gun”
Catherine Tucker

The small, desolate town of Titus, Mississippi holds a secret. Kendall Moore has the perfect life working as a cop in the city and living with her handsome boyfriend, Scott Jacobson. However, when she finds a recently fired gun in her cellar, she begins to realize that things are not quite as they seem in the Moore family. The death of her mother leaves Kendall with some startling questions about her past, and she sets off to quiet Titus to find some answers. At first the people of Titus are warm and supportive. She is intrigued by the curiously determined detective, Oliver Watts. However, after he introduces her to some unsavory characters, Kendall slowly finds herself drawn into a web of kidnapping, arson and perhaps, even murder. Can Kendall resist the charms of Watts and uncover the secret of the gun before it’s too late, or will her demise become yet another Titus legend?

Does this story read perfectly or make perfect sense? No. Not by any means. In fact, I had to tweak several words and phrases within the story for a better flow. I also changed some of the adjectives and corrected several pronouns. But what this story did is give me a good jumping off point. So, I changed the character names, their occupations, the objects, the emotions—whatever the generator requested, to get several different story ideas. Eventually, I settled on my own unique story idea, but the generator helped my thoughts become more fluid.

I only had one week to complete my short story after being stuck for the better part of a month. But after submitting it, my creative writing instructor stated my story was in the top three strongest in the class.

This plot generator will generate short story ideas, novel ideas, movie scripts idea in a variety of different genres, and so much more. Check it out–plug in your characters’ names and other details to see your story come to life before your eyes. Then, drop me a line and let me know what you think. As always, thanks for stopping by.



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