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5 Success Strategies to Implement While You Wait for the Fifth Season

3 years ago

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You knew there were four seasons — Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. But did you know there was a fifth season?


It’s called Due Season. Due Season is that nebulous period of time when you’re waiting for something of great importance to happen, and it seems like it never will.

Due season is not on the calendar. But it can last longer than any Texas Summer and be harsher than most New York winters. The waiting period for Due Season can be frustrating and challenging because she has no regard for your timeline or mine.

I think if you ask most people, they will tell you they are waiting for Due Season to bring them something.

So, what are you waiting for Due Season to bring you? A completed novel? Publication? A promotion? Marriage? Restoration of your marriage? A baby? Healing?

How do you handle the waiting? Suffer in silence? Gripe and complain? Do you give up altogether on your hope or your dream?

I certainly hope you don’t give up because Due Season doesn’t last forever. It just seems like it.

Below I’ve identified 5 success strategies to help you maintain your sanity and peace of mind while you wait.

1. Be patient. I know, easier said than done, right? Being patient while you’re waiting for Due Season is not easy. But what you must understand is that she doesn’t operate on your timeline, she’s on God’s timeline.

And you want Him to work everything for your good, so give Him the time He needs to do it. If you don’t have patience, pray for it. He’ll give you that too!

2. Perfect a current project. While you’re waiting for Due Season to bring a situation or project to fruition, perfect the project you’re currently working on.

If it’s relational, the project might be you. Are you the best “You” you can be? If you’re not sure, ask the Father to reveal areas where you could improve. Now, don’t be shocked when He does!

3. Learn something new. What can you do to take your writing, business, education or even spirituality to the next level? Use this waiting period to learn something new.

Take a class, attend a workshop, or a spiritual growth seminar.

How about a DIY project around the house? If you’re busy doing something interesting or fun, it will take your mind off Due Season.

4. Start your next project. If you’ve completed a manuscript or a memoire and you’re waiting for publication, start on your next writing project. The more completed writing projects you have, the more valuable you will be as a client.

If you’ve completed a big project at work, move on to the next thing. Don’t rest on your laurels. You never know who’s watching, and you always want to be seen in the best possible light.

5. Be open to new opportunities.
While you wait for Due Season to end, be open to new opportunities. New opportunities can bring growth and lead you to unexpected places. New opportunities can be fulfilling and bring great joy.

Even if you’re scared, push beyond the fear and take a risk. Great risks bring great rewards. You never know, that very opportunity may be the key that opens the door to complete your Due Season.

How about you? What are you waiting for Due Season to bring? What is your best strategy for waiting? Drop me a line, I’d love to hear from you!



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