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Texas-Style Roundup 2.0 – My Top 10 Most Viewed Posts on Writing for the Last Year

2 years ago

224 words

It’s roundup time again! My writer’s blog went live on January 15, 2016. In March 2017, I posted my first Texas-style Top 10 Roundup of most viewed posts on writing. Because I’ve written a plethora of other posts since then, I decided to do a second roundup just in case you missed some of my…

Traditional Publishing – Great Challenges and Great Rewards

3 years ago

841 words


If you’re like me, pursuing traditional publishing of your novel, then you know the process is challenging — almost as difficult as a camel going through the eye of a needle. After finishing your novel and having it edited to the point of near-perfection, you must find a literary agent to represent you because neither…

Texas-Style Roundup – My Top 10 Most Viewed Posts on Writing

3 years ago

230 words


My writer’s blog went live on January 15, 2016. At the time I had two maybe three ideas for blog posts. I was petrified that I wouldn’t be able to come up with interesting content to keep my blog going past six months. But here I am one year, two months, and 42 published posts…

Writing is Never Just About Writing – It’s So Much More!

3 years ago

683 words


For fiction writers, writing is never just about writing. It’s so much more! For us, writing is about telling a story in a way that captivates a reader and transports him/her to another place or time. It’s about changing the reader’s state of being, allowing an escape from the everyday and immersing him/her into a…

Pull Back the Curtain…See What Successful Writers Do that Other Writers Don’t Do

3 years ago

780 words

Do you ever wonder why some writers rise to popularity and fame, become well-published, well-paid, award-winning authors while so many other writers languish in virtual obscurity? Is it skill? Luck? Smarts? What is it? This is what I believe… I believe that if all writers started out on an even playing field, with the same…

Traditional Publishing: Staying Strong in the Face of Rejection

4 years ago

737 words


Dealing with rejection when pursuing traditional publishing is one of the biggest challenges a new writer can face. I know this to be true because I’ve experienced my fair share of rejection as I’ve traversed this daunting path. So how do you stay strong in the face of rejection? As I was writing my first…