How “The Dream Giver” Inspired My Writing Journey

the-dream-giver-writing-journeyThe Dream Giver” is a parable by the great pastor and theologian, Bruce Wilkinson. Mr. Wilkinson is also the New York Times Bestselling author of “The Prayer of Jabez.”

In “The Dream Giver,” the main character is a Nobody named Ordinary. Ordinary becomes bored with his life in the Land of Familiar.

Ordinary realized something was missing in his life, and the feeling continued to grow. One day a Big Dream began to resonate in Ordinary’s heart, and he found a long white feather and concluded it must have been left by the Dream Giver.

Even though Ordinary was excited about his Big Dream, he was embarrassed to tell anyone, even his best friend, for fear he’d be laughed at because of the size of his dream. You see, he thought it would seem too big for a Nobody like him.

But Ordinary began to pursue his Big Dream, and in doing so he had to leave the Land of Familiar and all of the Nobodies who lived there.

Once Ordinary left Familiar, he was met with a number of challenges, including Border Bullies who tried to discourage and intimidate him into giving up his Big Dream. Some of the Border Bullies were family members!

Ordinary entered the WasteLand, and the challenges he faced made him begin to doubt that he could ever accomplish his Big Dream. He also met Giants that he had to fight to get to the Land of Promise.

As a relatively new fiction writer, I can identify so closely with Ordinary. Being a small-town girl, from a family with no wealth or prominence, I’ve often felt that I was “ordinary.”

When God gave me my Big Dream of becoming a fiction writer, like Ordinary I was excited! But also like Ordinary I was fearful because achieving my Big Dream of becoming a published author sometimes seems TOO BIG!

My writing journey parallels so closely with Ordinary’s. After working in the federal government for 33 years, I was comfortable in the “Land of Familiar.”

Stepping into the world of writing fiction required entering the BorderLand, unfamiliar territory, i.e., learning how to write creatively, learning about marketing and social media, creating a blog, learning about the publishing industry, and seeking publication. At times, the BorderLand has been both challenging and exhausting.

Passing through Borderland, I entered the WasteLand. There I often felt discouraged and disappointed, wondering why I’ve had to go through such challenging times, and wondering if my efforts have been in vain.

But as I look at Ordinary’s journey I can see that my efforts have not wasted at all, rather I’m being equipped, developed and prepared to enter the Land of Promise to attain my Big Dream.

Like Ordinary, facing the Giants has been my toughest challenge. My Giants…literary agents. In order to become published by a traditional publishing house you must have a literary agent representing you.

I’ve had no success attracting a literary agent through the querying process thus far and limited success with face-to-face pitching.

But like Ordinary, I know that I cannot reach the Land of Promise until I slay the Giants. So, I will use the principles found in “The Dream Giver” that Ordinary used as encouragement and motivation to reach the Land of Promise, that of published author!

And I will maintain the confidence that if the Dream Giver has given me a Big Dream, He is faithful to allow me to achieve it as He did with Ordinary.

PS – Drop me a line and let me know about your Big Dream and what challenged you the most in attaining it.



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